Poetry and Images from a Christian

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time for a Little Romance

The next four poems all have something to do with my wonderful husband.

A Better Answer

You are too good a blessing
To be put into words.
What words could carry
Enough meaning
To say how dear you are,
How much an answer to my prayers you are
And so much more?

With you
I am convinced
God listens to our smallish prayers
And answers
From the depth
Of His greater

The Love Letter

Your family had spent a century here
And you were much attached,
But for me the little house grew smaller
As time  passed
And Building seemed a monumental task.
I wandered, restless,
To the garden.
I touched the rough trunks
Of Osage Orange trees
That form our pergola.
"These will be standing as long as we,"
You said to me.
My eyes traced the path
Of twining tendrils of Wisteria,
That scourge to your farmer mentality,
And yet, you planted them here anyway
To please me and provide our shade.
Down the path
In the night garden,
Sweet Autumn stars,
Pure and white and true,
Shone in the sun
As brightly as they
Glisten by the moon.
These were your gift too.
And then I came to the roses
Whose thorns you braved
To put them into place
According to our plan.
All this you wrote upon the land
To say, "This is your home."
And sighing contentment, resigned,
I knew we'd never roam.

My little drawing of some of our Wisteria, fading but still lovely to see.

Love Everyday

Let me kiss you at least one kiss everyday,
And touch you somehow as we fall asleep,
Maybe you will spoon with me,
Or just our legs will tangle like two vines.
Or maybe just our feet will touch
To say, "I love you so,"
But let us say it everyday.
Love's little luxuries these are
I waited for like someone parched and thirsting.
But now I live beside the brook,
I shall not neglect to fill my cup
And drink and drink and drink you up.


In your nightmares,
I  sometimes walk away.
In mine, you disappear.
We are so much one now
We share our common fears.
Even when dark nightmares
Toss us to and fro
The worst we can imagine
Is to see the other go.