Poetry and Images from a Christian

Thursday, October 17, 2013

God With Us

In this world we will have troubles; I am no exception to the rule. But I have found Jesus to be so faithful in walking with me. The poem below is about a fleeting experience, but  I have had many longer lasting troubles wherein He was/is just as faithful, just as kind and good, even when I was/am sometimes quite impatient.

They Call Him "God With Us"

It was a necessary medical procedure
Fraught with pain,
And I was caught in it
For long moments
Until the work was done.
No husband could stand beside me,
No mother or father
Or sister there;
No numbing,
No anesthesia applied.
With whispered voice
I called my Jesus,
Who fills all space and time.
Already there,
He laid His words upon my mind,
A chant, a focus point,
"I will never leave you, nor forsake you.
I will never leave you, nor forsake you."
My hand I moved to brush at tears
And gently stroke my brow.
"Again, " He said, "Again."
After hesitating, I complied.
And so the motion I repeated
And in His words and touch co-mingled
I lingered,
In pain, but comforted,
And, not alone,
Until the need had ended.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Small Crisis

When the little son who was my constant companion for six years or so suddenly became my husband's shadow most of the time, I had a small identity crisis. I was happy for my little boy to be venturing into the world of manly pursuits, but what about me...What was I going to do with all this new alone time? During a walk, the Holy Spirit impressed on me that now was a good time to just be still and know that God has a plan. God loves us as we are;  we are his creations.


I walk a long country black top
My mind vibrating with questions
Who am I now?
What should I do?
Countless possibilities vie to be weighed
Faster and harder I walk
My muscles tensing and relaxing
In turn
Footfalls quietly progressing

The warm breeze touches me
To capture my attention
The feathered grasses lining the roadside
Bend  in greeting
Shooshing gently against neighbors
Shooshing beneath the sun
I hear them
I hear
The sound of grass
Then stop to listen
Hands on knees
Beginning to understand

I will do
But already am
And the Breeze
And the shooshing
And the neighbors
Are important.